QSAI Programme

QSAI Programme

Whether you travel for pleasure or business, you should always feel confident that your onboard meals consistently meet the highest standards...


The Quality & Safety Alliance for Inflight Services (“QSAI”) is a community of the world's top passenger carriers working together to drive excellence in the safety, quality & value of onboard food. The QSAI alliance of air and rail passenger carriers is the first and only programme that creates industry benchmarked safety & quality standards for onboard food caterers; conducts annual audits of food suppliers to ensure that these standards are met; and takes necessary action to address non-compliance. Members participating in QSAI want confidence that diligent efforts are made to provide passengers with food that meets their quality expectations and protects them against food safety risk.


Through their participation in QSAI, partner airlines and railway operators ("QSAI Alliance Members"), work closely with their onboard caterers around the world to provide food that protects passengers against health risk and is consistently authentic and satisfying. Is your air or rail carrier a part of QSAI? How does your organization provide passengers confidence that onboard food diligently protects their health? ... meets their quality expectations? ... improves and strengthens their brand experience?


Since the formation of the Alliance, QSAI has conducted more than 15,000 Audits in over 120 countries, and reduced food safety risk by over 700% at one third of the world’s on-board caterers.


QSAI represents a collaboration between Alliance members and caterers; a dedication to passenger health and well-being; and a conviction that Higher Standards… make travel better.

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